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Learn More About Lori Ann Robinson!

loriannLori Ann Robinson is a Los Angeles based Image and Fashion Consultant and multiple Emmy nominated costume designer.

Her talents for style, design, color and fashion are the foundation of her career -and for dressing women and men. From movie and television personalities to chief executive officers and everyone in between, she knows how to translate dreams and desires into fashion and image success.

Lori Ann is a leading expert helping women and men find their best style no matter what their body shape and age.

Her image strategy is matching personality, lifestyle, and body type to today’s current styles while solving the ‘I don’t know how to shop or what to buy and what to wear’ challenges everyone faces.

Lori Ann’s clients engage her talents to help them dress for success in both their professional and personal life. They take her guidance on dining, social, and networking etiquette, and the power of body language to enhance their ‘visual business card’.